About Us
Welcome, at ATF Advance Technique (M) Sdn Bhd, we deliver quality and value-added services around the world. The company has since known for its expertise in Surface Finishing of Aluminium and Process Lines Set Up and has carved an enviable niche in the corporate market locally and internationally.

We believe and confidence in ourselves in giving the best customer service, the highest quality products with a total commitment to customer needs and expectations.

We provide Clear, Colour and Hard Anodizing on Medical Tray. Color anodizing with Slitting Process on Security Lock is our next major value-added services. Security Aluminium Box is our in-house made and assembled  sheet metal product. Other processes include Clear Chromate and Yellow Chromate.

ATF Advance Technique (M) Sdn Bhd welcomes you to participate with us to develop a mutual business growth and discover all the possibilities we can provide to find your sourcing and buying needs to support your organization’s interest to achieve your corporate objectives.

ATF Advance Technique (M) Sdn Bhd has amassed an impressive list of clientele ranging from manufacturing companies and corporate firms. The company’s growth is of no doubt the result of the trust is has earned from its clients and the value-added services that comes along with every contract with the company. In short, ATF Advance Technique (M) Sdn Bhd is the trusted metal finishing specialist for the corporate companies.

Our Specialisation

  • Manual & Automatic Aluminium Anodizing and Chromating Processes and Production Lines set up.
  • Automatic Slitting Process, Sheet metal works.
  • Electroplating and Laboratory Facilities like rectifiers, timers, filters, barrels, pumps, tanks, dryers, heaters, titrators and other analytical equipments.
  • Laboratory Analytical Processes, designs and set-up.
  • All types of Electrical Control System Designs and set-up.
Our  Vision

  • To be innovative, broad-based driven and value-added service driven.
  • To be highly regarded for excellence in surface finishing technologies.
  • To be sensitive and responsive to the needs of customers.
Our Mission

  • ATF is committed to the pursuit of excellence in surface finishing technologies which meets the needs of Malaysia and the global market.
  • To conscientiously maintain reasonable profits to sustain growth.
  • To treat staffs as equal and provide opportunities for development and advancement.
  • To deliver quality products and to satisfy stringent standards expected by customers.
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